The Milney & Responsible Schools
The Milney & Responsible Schools
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The Milney & Responsible Schools

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    The Milney Security Hub protects families with AdGuard Home.

    • Whole-Home Network Protection - All connected devices
    • Family Protection Mode - Block adult and/or dangerous content
    • Privacy Protection - Block tracking of personal information
    • Block Ads - Block ads in videos, websites and apps.

    Safe Whole Home Protect

    Parents can take control of their home internet connection.

    • Block/Unblock services in one touch - Netflix, Instagram etc.
    • Block/Unblock certain devices - Kids devices can have different rules.
    • Monitor internet traffic activity - Blocked threats, etc.

    Your school isn't listed? Contact us or ask your childs school to reach out to us here.
    We'll get your childs school onto the program.

    Our ambition is to provide EPIC products.

    • Enriching lives, while
    • Protecting people, using
    • Intelligent systems, in a
    • Cost-Effective way

    Let us make your home EPIC!

    Package includes:

    *Settings on your router will need to be adjusted to enable remote access and AdGuard functionality. 

    Your Milney Hub is a gateway to whole-home automation!
    Expansion Opportunities directly from Milney:

    - Lighting Pack
    - Power Pack
    - Great Automation Ideas

    Smart Home Compatibility:
    - See 1713 Integrations here

    Home Assistant Website

     See our Miliney Epic Video episode about Hubs and AdGuard capabilities!


    In order to make our products EPIC, they are customised per order. Please see Shipping Policy below to be sure about when to expect delivery.