Smart RF Ceiling Fans
Smart RF Ceiling Fans
Smart RF Ceiling Fans
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Smart RF Ceiling Fans

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R 985.00


    Try the smart ceiling fan integration, for your RF controlled ceiling fan!

    Integrate into Home Assistant with a Milney Hub (Raspberry Pi 4B+).
    Add a Milney Hub here (Loaded with automation and security power!!)

    Bundle includes:
    1 x Sonoff RF WIFI Bridge

    Package configuration includes the following features:
    - Seamlessly works with your existing Milney system
    - Fully integrated and customised for your home or business
    - Secured against internet attack

    This package is designed and configured to integrate with Home Assistant. Get Home Assistant configured and working for you on a Milney Hub!

    In order to make our products EPIC, they are customised per order. Please see Shipping Policy below to be sure about when to expect delivery.