Responsible Schools Programme

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We the creators of Milney Smart Automation are parents of school going children. Our homes and children are protected from online threats, and we want to ensure as many families as possible can benefit from the same protection.

Modern learners are expected to use the internet for research and other activities. There has also been a huge increase in online learning globally. Families should be able to utilise the many benefits of the connected world, without being subjected to the many dangers.

Most homes with WIFI have unrestricted access. South Africans know about security and how to protect their families. Protection from online threats is just as important.

The Milney Security Hub protects families with AdGuard Home.

  • Whole Home Network Protection - All connected devices
  • Family Protection Mode - Block adult and/or dangerous content
  • Privacy Protection - Block tracking of personal information
  • Block Ads - Block ads in videos, websites and apps.

Safe Whole Home Protect

Parents can take control of their home internet connection.

  • Block/Unblock services in one touch - Facebook, TickTock, Netflix, etc.
  • Block/Unblock certain devices - Kids devices can have different rules.
  • Monitor internet traffic activity - Blocked threats, etc.

Your school isn't listed? Contact us or ask you child's school to reach out to us here.
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