If you take your privacy seriously and are looking to automate your home using multiple different devices and brands, the Milney Team have the perfect solution for you.  Regardless of if you are an Apple or Android user, have existing smart automation devices or looking to start from scratch, leveraging Home Assistant pre-configured and managed with Milney Care, you will be able to automate your life, safely, securely and quickly, by starting with The Milney.

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The Milney & Security Hub

R 3,195.00R 3,695.00
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Milney Hub & Inverter Monitor Combo

R 3,795.00R 5,295.00

Milney Care - Basic

R 1,999.00

Milney Care - Premium

R 4,999.00
Best Seller

The Milney & Responsible Schools

R 3,195.00R 3,695.00

Milney Starter Bundle - Including Security Hub

R 3,795.00R 5,815.00

Milney Extremely EPIC Bundle - Including Security Hub

R 9,295.00R 12,099.00

Milney Lighting Bundle

R 5,745.00

Milney Power System Bundle

R 5,445.00R 6,095.00