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The Milney Hub

In the first episode of the Milney EPIC show we...
by Kenny Myburgh on February 10, 2021
AdGuard Installation & Configuration

AdGuard Installation & Configuration

Take control of your internet connection, block ads, filter out adult content and stop online games like Fortnite or social media like Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook or TikTok at any time.
by Kenny Myburgh on February 06, 2021
Sound the Alarm!

Sound the Alarm!

Are alarm systems smart? Many South Africans have alarm systems as our security situation unfortunately demands it. Protecting property and people is an important and competitive industry. This competition has resulted in much development and innovation over the years. But are alarm systems smart? Well they are very much fit for purpose, they do their jobs very… Continue reading Sound the Alarm!
by Rory Milne on December 22, 2020

Alarm Integration the DIY way

The chances that you may have inherited an old alarm system with the purchase of your house in South Africa is relatively good. In my case the alarm system was quite an arcade unit and its only purpose was essentially to arm it when we not at home or go to sleep and have the… Continue reading Alarm Integration the DIY way
by milneyadmin on December 21, 2020
Do you have the POWER!!??

Do you have the POWER!!??

Current state of power Power usage, electricity demand, green energy, Eskom, load shedding, inverters etc …. Daily conversation topics for South Africans. But how do we actually get involved and take action within our homes? First lets clarify what we have control of and what we dont! Eskom Supply You are at their mercy National… Continue reading Do you have the POWER!!??
by Rory Milne on December 15, 2020

Power Management the DIY Way

It’s easy to save electricity, Just braai… Yes, this would most definitely be what my family opts for as an excuse to have a braai. I don’t think there is such a thing as too much braai for them… But to get a bit more to the point, "Electricity usage" is one of those general… Continue reading Power Management the DIY Way
by Kenny Myburgh on December 15, 2020


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