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Make your RF Doorbell smart

Make your RF Doorbell smart

If you are like me and never hear your doorbell ring from certain locations in the house and have some smart speakers, then this blog is for you. In this DIY Milney Smart Automation blog, I will take you through how to setup your RF doorbell, with a Sonoff RF Bridge leveraging tasmota to send …
by Bradley Geldenhuys on May 10, 2021
Home Assistant, Blue Iris & Face Recognition

Home Assistant, Blue Iris & Face Recognition

  Camera Integration with Home Assistant was one of the first items I wanted to get working after the first build as I had a number of IP camera’s installed at home each from different manufacturers meaning their own management application which had to be installed to my own and wife’s mobile phones for monitoring, …
by Kenny Myburgh on March 15, 2021
Smart Estate Management

The rise of Smart Estates

Rapid advancements in property automation technology has seen a shift from solely luxury oriented installations to value based property enhancements. Estate and facility managers are deriving tangible benefits from equipment monitoring and control, hereby enabling more time and attention to be spent on tasks that demand it. Being notified of equipment that is not functioning …
by Rory Milne on March 15, 2021

Track your home gas use the DIY way

This DIY project is enables you to build a platform which the gas bottle will sit on and measured by weight. If the weight falls below a pre-set weight you receive a notification through the Home Assistant companion.How it works Before we begin, Credit goes to the The Hookup blog and YouTube channel for all […]
by milneyadmin on March 02, 2021
Lights - Smart or dim?

Lights - Smart or dim?

Smart lights in 2021 As with the rest of the smart connected technology movement, lights are smartening up real quick! 
by Rory Milne on February 10, 2021
The Milney Hub

The Milney Hub

In the first episode of the Milney EPIC show we...
by Kenny Myburgh on February 10, 2021


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