What smart lighting do I need?

by Rory Milne on June 24, 2021

Good Smart Home Lighting should add value to your Home & Life Style!

Dim your lights to suit your mood or time of day.
Set colour temperature warm to prepare for quality sleep.
Have remote controls from home or away.
Or even have a party mode if you are that way inclined...

We have chosen Home Assistant to under pin our business as the ultimate platform to build a Smart Home on. Largely because we can choose from a huge variety of integrate-able products, this way we can find the best product for each specific scenario without compromising your home automation potential.

With smart lighting however, there is a very good reason to find a single manufacturer to supply an entire home, business or other project. That is "Consistency"!

  • Colour matching of RGB bulbs

  • Temperature 

  • Brightness 

  • Physical form factor of fixtures, lamps and even exposed bulbs

In a room full of lights, if any of these aspects are out of sync, it can be quite noticeable and detract from a potentially beautiful lighting aesthetic.

Smart Home

There are other factors to consider as well.

  • Quality

  • Price

  • Availability

The trick is to find something that meets a good quality standard without breaking the bank. Price is easy to keep low, but you are likely to end up with something that is a disappointment. There are huge amounts of extremely cheap LED lighting products out there claiming to be smart. We find either the actual lighting quality is very poor, or the smarts are rather dumb! And very often both.

So whats the solution?

Well, we have been trialling Yeelight products for some time and we have some thoughts.

Who are they?

They are a lighting brand, dedicated to lighting. Sounds like good start, right? They list 20 partners with whom their smarts will integrate with, and you guessed it, Home Assistant integration works well!! Otherwise we probably wouldn't be talking about it.


It's broad, they have many bulbs, strip lighting, freestanding lamps and roof fixtures. So it's actually possible to spec a whole project with a single brand. 

Smart light

Quality & Price?

I've lumped these together because they usually go hand in hand. Simply put, these products are solid. They are packaged well, the build quality is noticeable & the light show that they produce is top end! The smart features position them securely in the modern smart home market, with a uncanny ease of use.
They are not the cheapest, thank goodness. They are very well priced for the high quality level that they are delivering.

smart light

I guess its important to note at this point that we are not being paid to give a positive review of this brand. After using them ourselves, we have decided to make them available on our store and specify them in smart home projects. 

Have any questions or thoughts?
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