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5 Smart Automations for November 2021

5 Smart Automations for November 2021

Our 5 favourite automations at the moment

We have to say at the moment, because automations are like wishes, once you have made that wish and your problem no longer exists you move on to the next one.  I had a joke about ex’s there, but I am not sure it works.  Anyway, back to business, what are we loving right now?

by Bradley Geldenhuys on November 08, 2021
power in your hands

Your power consumption … right now!

With the ability to control these energy offenders remotely, you are well on your way to the smartest of smart homes (or businesses). If something is drawing power that shouldn’t be, just turn it off. If something critical like security equipment or massage chairs are powered down, simply energise them from your phone.
by Rory Milne on September 16, 2021
Do you have the POWER!!??

Do you have the POWER!!??

Current state of power Power usage, electricity demand, green energy, Eskom, load shedding, inverters etc …. Daily conversation topics for South Africans. But how do we actually get involved and take action within our homes? First lets clarify what we have control of and what we dont! Eskom Supply You are at their mercy National… Continue reading Do you have the POWER!!??
by Rory Milne on December 15, 2020

Power Management the DIY Way

It’s easy to save electricity, Just braai… Yes, this would most definitely be what my family opts for as an excuse to have a braai. I don’t think there is such a thing as too much braai for them… But to get a bit more to the point, "Electricity usage" is one of those general… Continue reading Power Management the DIY Way
by Kenny Myburgh on December 15, 2020


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