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5 Smart Automations for November 2021

5 Smart Automations for November 2021

Our 5 favourite automations at the moment

We have to say at the moment, because automations are like wishes, once you have made that wish and your problem no longer exists you move on to the next one.  I had a joke about ex’s there, but I am not sure it works.  Anyway, back to business, what are we loving right now?

by Bradley Geldenhuys on November 08, 2021
Smart Home Lighting

What smart lighting do I need?

Good Smart Lighting should add value to your Home & Life Style!

Dim your lights to suit your mood or time of day.
Set colour temperature warm to prepare for quality sleep.
Have remote controls from home or away.
Or even have a party mode if you are that way inclined...
by Rory Milne on June 24, 2021
Home Automation System

What is Home Automation System

A collection of connected devices in a home, all working together, to make your life better!
by Rory Milne on June 16, 2021
Remote RF Braai Lights

Remote RF Braai Lights

If you ever need lights outside need the braai, or anywhere else for that matter, where there are no light switches and you don’t have the capacity to run cables, RF lights are your best option. RF (Radio Frequency) switches send a unique code once pressed. This code is intercepted by an RF bridge that …
by Bradley Geldenhuys on June 01, 2021
Lights - Smart or dim?

Lights - Smart or dim?

Smart lights in 2021 As with the rest of the smart connected technology movement, lights are smartening up real quick! 
by Rory Milne on February 10, 2021

“DIY” WLED Powered LED Strip

Why build a LED strip ? You can purchase pre-built, consumer grade LED light strips from you local supplier which come packaged with a remote control. Some even have the ability to be controlled from an app on your smartphone.  Don’t get me wrong these lights have their place as they are cost effective and… Continue reading “DIY” WLED Powered LED Strip
by Kenny Myburgh on December 07, 2020


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