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Remote RF Braai Lights

Remote RF Braai Lights

If you ever need lights outside need the braai, or anywhere else for that matter, where there are no light switches and you don’t have the capacity to run cables, RF lights are your best option. RF (Radio Frequency) switches send a unique code once pressed. This code is intercepted by an RF bridge that …
by Bradley Geldenhuys on June 01, 2021

How to choose a smart home hub

What is a smart home hub? You would have noticed that many many products now have the word "Smart" included somewhere in their name or description. Some products are legitimately clever and some are rather dim witted. What they have in common is that they are "connected", enabling new kinds of monitoring and/or control. This… Continue reading How to choose a smart home hub
by Rory Milne on December 01, 2020


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