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5 Smart Automations for November 2021

5 Smart Automations for November 2021

Our 5 favourite automations at the moment

We have to say at the moment, because automations are like wishes, once you have made that wish and your problem no longer exists you move on to the next one.  I had a joke about ex’s there, but I am not sure it works.  Anyway, back to business, what are we loving right now?

by Bradley Geldenhuys on November 08, 2021
power in your hands

Your power consumption … right now!

With the ability to control these energy offenders remotely, you are well on your way to the smartest of smart homes (or businesses). If something is drawing power that shouldn’t be, just turn it off. If something critical like security equipment or massage chairs are powered down, simply energise them from your phone.
by Rory Milne on September 16, 2021
JoJo Tank which we will use to measure water levels

Water level detection with ESPHome and Home Assistant

A DIY guide to measuring a JoJo tanks water level using Home Assistant and ESPHome with a D1 Mini and a  Non-contact Digital Water / Liquid Level Sensor XKC-Y25-T12V
by Bradley Geldenhuys on July 20, 2021
Smart Washing Machine

Smart Washing Machine

Use a Shelly 1PM to detect when the washing machine has completed its cycle and ready for hanging out to dry.
by Kenny Myburgh on June 17, 2021
Smart Mailbox

Smart Mailbox

Your traditional old mailbox can also be Smart! If you still getting a ton of junkmail delivered, here is a different way to get reminded to clear it out.
by Kenny Myburgh on June 17, 2021
Home Automation System

What is Home Automation System

A collection of connected devices in a home, all working together, to make your life better!
by Rory Milne on June 16, 2021


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