Smart Washing Machine

by Kenny Myburgh on June 17, 2021

With three ladies in the house and a constant change of outfits to suit the given occasion our washing machine is one of those appliances that work overtime. Hanging out the load at the end of the cycle is however often "forgotten" which leads to being rewashed to rid of the funky odor which occur when left wet in the machine.

Yes the washing machine plays a jingle at the end of a cycle to notify everyone that it is done and no... this is not enough as it gets ignored. More than good enough reason for me to bring out some additional smart tech to come up with a solution!


What Hardware will you need for this project:


Method used:

The solution I opted for was leveraging a Shelly 1PM to monitor when the power load increase in Watts for a certain amount of time at the start of a cycle to trigger an input_boolean to ON and then when the cycle completes and the power consumption drops to the lower value is changes the input_boolean to OFF followed by notifications which will send out to our phones and a follow up announcement through the Google Home.



alias: Washing Cycle Completed
description: Detect when washing machine cycle completed and perform phone notification and announcement
  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.Shelly1PM
    below: '3'
    for: '00:01:00'
   - condition: state
     entity_id: input_boolean.washing_machine
     state: 'on'
   - service: input_boolean.turn_off
     entity_id: input_boolean.washing_machine
   - service: notify.notify
        message: ''
        title: Washing Cycle Completed, Please Hang it up.
    - service: tts.google_translate_say
      entity_id: media_player.speaker
      message: Washing Cycle Completed, Please Hang it up.
mode: single