Smart Irrigation System

by Bradley Geldenhuys on July 27, 2022

I wanted to setup automatic watering or smart irrigation for my garden tunnel from my jojo tank.  However, the issue I had also needed to use the jojo tank water for a number of other uses like watering the garden, filling the pool and backup water to the house.  I have a pump setup on the jojo to kick in whenever the pressure drops aka a tap is open.  So, what I really needed was either something to open the tap or a valve that opened.

I went ahead and added a multi output to the jojo tank and then purchased a smart DFRobot solenoid valve

This was ideal as it could fit in with my needs.  The solenoid valve is controlled by a relay which is controlled by a D1 Mini.

I connected everything up and placed them into watertight boxes.

The above is the Smart Relay to manage to solenoid valve.

The above is the D1 Mini connected to a 5v 220v buck converter.

I went ahead and installed ESPHome onto the D1 Mini from Home Assistant.

Using the following script to active the relay which would open the valve.

This script worked great.  All I needed to add was the switch info and ensure that the data cable was connected to GPIO4 or D2

Then once installed add the integration by finding the IP address and adding to Home Assistant in Devices and Services

Test the switch to make sure everything turns on and off.

And finally, setup an automation to enable your smart irrigation for the garden every day.