Home Assistant 2022.5 Updates

by Bradley Geldenhuys on May 06, 2022

Hello and welcome to May, when living in South Africa it really does feel like someone left the fridge open as a cool nip in the air makes itself well known.

As you know Milney has chosen Home Assistant as our Home Automation platform of choice for all our projects due to its nature of open source and community driven.  In May Home Assistant has released their new version 2022.5. 

*A quick FYI If you have a MilneyCare package you will automagically be upgraded 😊

Here are some of the most note worthy changes we think you will like but feel free to check out the release blog for all updates.

Look and Feel

A new mobile menu to assist with categorising and logically organizing all settings.  It is a nice logical feel. 

Previous Home Assistant Version  Home Assistant 2022.5

We specifically like that logs are now located all in one place.

 Home Assistant 2022.5 Logs


We love that we can now use “If-Then-That” in automations now.  This is how I learnt to code and it makes creating what should be a simple automation much easier.

Home Assistant If-Then-That

This is a great way for new users to get started on making automations in your own home.  If the sun is down then turn on outside lights. Else keep them off. Easy as that. 

*FYI if you have a premium MilneyCare package why not use some of those free automation coupons you have to get something created for you right now 😊


Another great new feature is being able to see people in Zones.  Anyone who has the Home Assistant app installed for your home and allowed access to GEO location can be found in specific zones. 

 Home Assistant Zones

I can then see and be notified that my wife has gone to drop the kids off at school.


A big database upgrade to improve performance and speed has been completed, we love that.

So there you have it a few updates we really enjoyed and think you will too.